TEAM SAG Wagon Class 2019

Support for small groups only.

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Up Date: All classes are currently going through a makeover. We have already begun production. However all classes posted here will have the same information. The new classes will have improved audio and video.

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Structured for

Teams, small group training rides, personal SAG and events that allow team support during their ride. Not intended for Volunteers SAG Drivers working during events.


Safety, Preparing, Supplies, Traffic Laws, Parking, Pulling Over, Communication, Following and Navigation


Training the basics for supporting a team, small group or personal SAG during training rides, traveling or during an event. Educating Safety in how to best serve a cyclist or cyclists without impeding traffic or breaking traffic laws. Even experienced SAG drivers and avid cyclists can make critical errors that can jeopardize the safety of themselves, the riders they support and other road users. Untrained SAG Drivers in many cases break traffic laws that creates mayhem for everyone around them. Educating new SAG drivers as to what to expect and what the team or individual is expecting from them.

Your Instructor

Dave Lancaster
Dave Lancaster

Dave Lancaster is the founder of Bike SAG, a professional SAG Wagon Service. Since 2010, “Bike SAG Dave” has supported over 1,000 days of cycling events throughout the USA. For over twelve years prior to formalizing Bike SAG, Dave volunteered as a SAG driver at local charity cycling events. He also managed bike shops. Dave is eager to share his experience, with the goal of making cycling events safer and beneficial for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm an experanced SAG driver, why do I need to take a class?
Without the proper training; many experienced SAG Drivers, Avid Cyclists and Bike Shop Employees can make critical errors putting others at risk. What we think is safe may actually be just the opposite. Even if you been performing a practice one way for years and nothing has happen, doesn't mean it's safe. It only take that one rare moment for it to go all wrong. After all you may learn a trick or two on making your duties easier and more efficient. .
As an Event Director, will these classes help lower our insurance?
Not at this time. It may take several years before insurance agents to see a difference in claims. We are working on this. After all if a claim was to go to trial one of the first questions asked was any training provided and how was it conducted
After taking any of the classes will I become Certified?
No!. We can only verify that you have completed the classes that you enrolled in. Only after a cleared background checks and meeting our qualifications, then we will consider you as a Certified SAG®.

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